About Kaiko

An introduction to Kaiko and our products.

What is Kaiko?

Kaiko offers its clients trusted digital asset market information, empowering businesses with actionable, reliable data. Our data solutions can be used to inform trading strategies, meet compliance requirements, or assist regulators in market surveillance.

Our solutions

We provide data solutions across four main pillars:

Market Data

We gather, organize, and distribute market data from over 100 cryptocurrency trading platforms to give our clients a comprehensive view of the centralized digital assets market.

Defi & Blockchain

We operate blockchain infrastructure to collect, process, and distribute detailed market data directly from DeFi protocols giving our clients a comprehensive view of the DeFi market.


Our analytics products build on our Market Data and DeFi and Blockchain data products to offer additional analysis for risk assessment, accurate pricing, or market condition evaluations

Rates & Indices

Trusted benchmark rates and indices for financial professionals and product issuers, compliant under EU BMR regulation.

Tour the data

Depending on the solution, you can consume our data by Rest API, streaming service, or CSV. Have a look at our data dictionary to see which solution are available by which channel, as well as specific information on the data's granularity, historical availability.

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